About the company name EXCERA

[E] stands for "E" in EDM (Electrical discharge machining)
[X] stands for human potential - X for unlimited.
[CERA] is proof that we have contributed to the development of our customers' ceramic materials and have built up our manufacturing know-how in-house.


We develop and design a wide range of products using various automated machines, inspection equipment, etc., making full use of 2D and 3D CAD. 


We manufacture parts mainly by cutting process using machining centers, NC lathes, and multitasking machines.


We individually produce high quality products without fail. We are also equipped with inspection equipment to ensure that our products are always assembled with a high degree of accuracy. 


Experienced inspectors using 3D equipment, image processing tools etc. deliver reliable and quality products.

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A company that continues to take on the challenge of manufacturing


EXCERA Corporation was founded on June 16, 1979, as Aizu Electrical Discharge Machine Tool Works, mainly engaged in electrical machining. We have made many achievements and accumulated much experience in the fields of die manufacturing, parts processing, and areas of manufacturing requiring high precision. 

As more and more advanced manufacturing is required in various fields, more rational technology is needed in terms of cost and manufacturing efficiency. In addition, the world is becoming more and more complicated.  During the chaotic global situation, we will continue to develop monozukuri (manufacturing), with the spirit of Japan, Tohoku, and Aizu in mind for the nurturing of the generation that will lead the future.

We will continue to develop new machines and technologies with the enthusiasm to take on new challenges while keeping in mind the experience and technology that EXCERA has cultivated so far. We will also continue to make a meaningful contribution to society by transferring our experiences and technology to new fields of machinery and manufacturing in the future.


Although we are a small company, we work with the spirit of Japanese (Aizu) manufacturing in mind.  We would like to contribute to society by nurturing young people and connecting them to the next generation in the manufacturing industry through MONOZUKURI (manufacturing). 

We have established an environmental improvement business based on our desire to create a sustainable society and environment, and are working in partnership with a company that has developed technology to adsorb and fix harmful substances from contaminated soil and water. 

In addition, 70% of our purchased electricity is renewable energy.

We have built a function that allows us to provide integrated services from design to parts production, arrangement of purchased parts, and assembly, but we can also provide partial services such as single parts manufacturing, focusing purely on design, and assembly only. 

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